morebiz is a participation group!

This means that members commit to attend meetings every week and to send a substitute to represent them if they cannot attend in person. Regular attendance builds understanding and trust between members. If you trust someone you know, you can refer them with confidence.

Our meetings are weekly for 47 weeks a year; we take a break over Christmas.

If you have never been to a Networking meeting before you will have questions, below are some of the more common ones we are asked, but the best way to find out how you can benefit from morebiz is to attend a meeting. The first meeting is free of charge, and there is no obligation forcing you to apply to join.

Pre Joining


Questions about the meeting

  • Do I have to come every week?
    Members commit to attend the weekly 90-minute meeting; members stay entire time unless there is a circumstance where you have to leave with an apology. Additionally, strong working relationships are developed by meeting outside the formal meetings to learn more about the other member’s businesses. Harnessing the power of 'Word Of Mouth Marketing' takes time and effort, but the rewards are tremendous.
  • What about if I am sick, or take a holiday?
    Sickness often strikes in the night, so if this is before a meeting, we don't want you to come and infect everyone. That being said, attendance is crucial to building trust, if you know in good time, you will be missing a meeting we expect you to arrange a substitute visitor to take your place and represent you. Members are allowed three unplanned absences in their membership period, and the membership will be reviewed based on attendance and participation.
  • I am not sure if I can find referrals
    As an aspect of membership, members are required to bring legitimate referrals, but don't panic! We all started the same way; Networkers are made, not born. Each week we have an education section where we learn more about effective networking and referral finding techniques.

How do I apply to join?

We have spent years building a strong network of businesses that know, like and trust each other. Membership of morebiz is a privilege, not a right. The first step of the application process is to attend our meeting so you (and we) can see if you would be an asset to our group.

You can call any member of the group to let them know you would like to attend or complete the online form. – click here

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