Security by Design Ltd

Member: Ross Hunt
Classification: Alarms

If you are looking for a new alarm or someone you can trust to fix your existing alarm or CCTV then give me a call. I am licensed by the Justice dept. It's all about INTEGRITY.................
Quality security products, well installed. For reliability and longevity I use Bosch products. I am accessible if you have problem, available at short notice and I have what it takes to sort out almost all your alarm or CCTV problems, whatever the brand......................
ALARM MONITORING is my passion. It gives you "Peace of Mind" when it is working well. With other companies the information flow between the customer and the technician is very poor. When you experience how comprehensive and beneficial it can be, you'll understand why my customers love the service they get......... CCTV IS ENTERING ANOTHER ERA : "Video Verification" can confirm the presence of a burglar at your premises (this is another service from our monitoring station). Intruder arrests have already happened as a direct result.

Phone: 07-823 1399
Mobile: 021 632 661
Email: [email protected]

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