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We welcome visitors and prospective members to the group each Thursday. If you are thinking of attending, please call a member of the group or complete the form below and one of our members will contact you to discuss your visit.

What happens at a meeting?
The meeting follows the same agenda each week. In brief, the format is that before the meeting starts there is a general networking session followed by breakfast. During the meeting, members speak to the group for 60 seconds to tell us what they are looking to achieve in business, what companies they would like to deal with etc. Following this, any visitors and substitutes get the same opportunity to speak for 60 seconds. We then break for coffee, and this is followed by a member/speaker who gives a 10-minute presentation. We close the meeting by members recapping referrals they have passed, and recon meetings that gave have with other members.

If you would like to attend a meeting and see what our group does please complete this form. It helps with catering numbers to know in advance if you are coming to visit us.

Please complete this form to request further information and we will contact you shortly. Please make sure you fill in all required (*) fields.

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