Enhance your business with morebiz?

It is often said, that in business it is not ‘What’ you know, but ‘Who’ you know that helps you to succeed.

‘Word of Mouth’ and Business Networking often bring better quality business, but how do you develop a ‘Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy’, where do you start to build a trustworthy network?

For our members, it starts at 7:00am every Thursday morning!

Our group members come together to help each other to grow strong and exciting businesses by meeting in comradeship, educating each other about what we can offer their contacts and passing referrals for new business whenever we are able.

If you would like to know more about how our group works and how you might benefit from membership, please come to a meeting on Thursday – click here for more information.


This Weeks Speaker: 15 November 2018

Jeremy Thomas - Jeremy Thomas

Covering the Waikato, Jeremy Thomas is a full tree and garden maintenance specialist. Whether you have a blank canvas and want some landscaping magic, an overgrown lot that desperately needs attention, or a garden wonderland that needs regular maintenance, Jeremy Thomas is the expert to call. Specialising in ...
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